If you would like to submit your cattery or cat related site to our Cat Breeders Directory, first browse the directory to identify the single best category for your listing You will submit your catteryor site to the category of cat breed and then the state you are located…so for example Ragdoll > Texas if you are a ragdoll cat breeder in Texas. You will have the opportunity to enter your location with a map if you buy a featured listing. You do not have to own a Web site to be listed as a cat breeder.

Click on the’ Submit Listing ‘ at the top of any page, and follow the instructions on the submission form and submit. If you do not find a category which fits your site, you may contact us to suggest a category. We will consider this when reviewing your site, and add the category if we feel it is beneficial.

Submission Rules

  • This directory is for cat breeders and cat related sites only!! You must be a cat breeder or own a cat related Web site to be listed on this site. Any other pet or unrelated sites will be rejected immediately.
  • Try and use the official name of your cattery or title of your site as the title of your listing
  • Submit your Web sites to the single most relevant category. You may suggest a category before you submit if you feel there are none that fit your site. Sites that are not submitted to the proper category may be edited or deleted at our discretion.
  • Do not submit your listing in ALL CAPS or use excessive punctuation.
  • Submit only Web sites in English..
  • Your Web site must not be under construction.

The Cat Breeders Directory reserves the right to accept or reject any Web site, at anytime, for reasons mentioned above, and any other reasons not published here. We also reserve the right to modify titles, description, and links to meet the guidelines of this site. We are looking for quality sites, so pay close attention to the rules. For featured sites and regular paid submissions, in the event of a site not being approved, a full refund will be made immediately after submission is denied.

Submission Types

There are four different types of listings you can place on our directory. They are detailed below to show you the options available when submitting your site:

Featured Plus – Includes everything listed below

Featured - Includes everything except google maps and multiple categories

Regular - Includes HTML descriptions

Reciprocal - Basic listing that requires a link back to us to be listed. This listing is free.

Standard Listing Options (Included in all listings)

  1. URL of your Website (Not required)
  2. Title of your site/cattery
  3. Short description of your site/cattery
  4. Tags – keywords for your site


Extra Listing Options (Note: all of these fields are optional)

  1. Contact Name (optional) – Enter a name that you want to list as a contact
  2. Contact e-mail (optional) – E-mail to be contacted at
  3. Contact Phone – Phone number where you can be contacted
  4. Google Maps – your location is mapped when an address is entered
  5. HTML  Descriptions – you can bold and highlight parts of your listing text
  6. Multiple Categories – if you breed more than one type of cat you can submit across up to 3 categories
  7. Image Uploads – you may upload a photo of one of one of your cats or a related photo ()only one photo allowed)
  8. Featured Listing – listing is placed above all others in the categories you select

Please read our policies page to see policies on refunds and other terms of the site.